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About Girlfriend

Girlfriend is an all new, first of it’s kind social networking app created just for Females.

The idea was to create an open platform, designed and dedicated for the use of only females to communicate, connect, network and socialise all in one place.

In our community we seem to lack positive attitudes towards each other and as a result, we often find ourselves with quite a small circle of female friends and connections.

With this app, we aim to help address these issues using It’s numerous features!!


  • • Post images and videos
  • • Create and post stories
  • • Ask questions and provide advice, share opinions & values
  • • Share ‘Smiles’ instead of ‘Likes’
  • • Comment and repost posts
  • • Get to know each other via the ‘About Me’ tab on the Profile page
  • • Profile picture rotation
  • • Create a favourites list
  • • Promote businesses
  • • Post jobs

  • • Chat via messenger
  • • Voice and video call via messenger
  • • Global feed and search function
  • • Find your girlfriends locator
  • • Calendar to add appointment/events, create and share events, send out event invitations
  • • Menstrual cycle tracker to track mother nature
  • • Option to make any posts you want private so only your ‘Girlfriends’ see them



User can create quick posts with images and videos, as well as create and view stories. Here users can also view, smile at, comment, repost and share posts from their ‘Girlfriend’s’

Profile Page

Users can create their ‘About Me’ page, in which can be view by others, to get to know the user. Here users can also ‘Follow’ , ‘Unfollow’ the user as well as viewing their ‘Following’, ‘Followers’ and ‘Favourites’ list.

Chat Via Messenger

Users can contact one another by using the messenger, which also allows for voice and video calls to be made (don’t worry the calling function can be enabled and disabled)

Global Feed & Search

Users can use the Global Feed to view posts from the wider network of ‘Girlfriend’s’ whom they do not follow, and can also perform searches to find users based on name, location, occupation, hobby, interest, skill plus more!!

'Find My Girlfriend' Locator

Users can use the GPS locator to find out where their ‘Girlfriend’s’ are. Here users can also search for a specific location to see which of their ‘Girlfriend’s’ are in that area


The perfect tool for managing your busy schedule. Users can use the calendar to add appointment/events, create and share events, send out event invitations.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

User can use this function to track mother nature, need I say any more………


Behind The Story

In our community, sometimes we may feel like we are being judged by the world around us, due to the way we look, our personalities, education, occupation, values or opinions. Although, we see an improvement in ‘Women Empowerment’ today, I still believe that there is a long road ahead, in which I want to contribute to. I believe that 'Girlfriend' will provide a platform to address the negatives and promote the positives in our community.

There is so much that we go through as females that only we can understand. Now we can share our experiences together freely. Not only did I want to provide an open platform for free expression, I also wanted it to be somewhere to meet new people, make new friends and/or connections, find people who you relate to based on several different factors i.e. age, location, education, skills, interest, hobbies etc., promote our businesses, educate, share advice and admire and inspire others, amongst multiple other things.

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  • What age is this app intended for?
    Users must be aged 13 and over.
    Users under 18 must have parental consent in order to use this app.
  • When is this app going to be released?
    Coming Soon
  • What platforms is this app going to be available on?
    Android and iOS
  • What is a Premium Account?
    Users who have removed ads from their account, this can be activated from the settings page.
    1 month ?1.89
    3 months ?1.49
    6 months ?0.99
    12 months ?0.39
  • Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?
    Our Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.
  • Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
    Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.
  • What advice do you provide on using this app?
    Guidelines on how to use this app can be found here.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can drop us an email from any of the following addresses.